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Thom Teresi
Thom is the president of Rhombus Records. Rhombus Records was formed in 1986 by Thom Teresi to release his own music. The first release was by a group called 'Affirmation'. Identity Crisis was the album, and Thom Teresi was the keyboardist ~ now re-released! Check it out! Since then, Rhombus Records has released over 50 projects including Thom Teresi, 'Earthtones' & 'Street Smart' , Steady Fready, Deambra, Anthony, Jeff Babko, Joe Gaeta and much more!
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In this edition of Cued-Up I am featuring music of artists released on Rhombus Records. I met Thom Teresi, President of Rhombus Records at Lu Lu's Beehive in Studio City, California. Thom brought music of: Vick Silva, Joe Gaeta, Chris Bennett, Dee and Thom Teresi.
"Identity Crisis", the second release by the L.A.-based Jazz-Fusion band AFFIRMATION. It was also the debut release for Rhombus Records in 1985.
This eight song set was produced by Keyboardist Thom Teresi with co-production chores by Guitarist Joe Gaeta, and violinist Jimbo Ross, with Tom Fowler - Bass, Ron Wagner - Drums, and John Mandell - Percussion, with guest appearances by Walfredo Reyes - Drums (Santana, Steve Winwood), Vito San Filippo - Bass (Tower of Power) and Diane Reeves, Special guest vocalist on "West Washington Blvd."

Group members draw on a wealth of diverse musical credits including: Frank Zappa, El Chicano, Don Ellis Orchestra, George Duke, Gino Vanelli, Auricle, Jean Luc Ponty, Shawn Phillips and Smokey Robinson to name a few.

Now available on CD and VINYL with a previously unreleased bonus track on the CD "Just The Other Day".

You can find more information about Rhombus Records on their website:

Put on Thom Teresi and the Street Smart Band, "Live At The Old Pasadena Summerfest" and the party begins as Thom and the group take you on a musical trip from L.A. to the Caribbean, Brazil, Cabo San Lucus, Outer Space and back.
"Live" features four live versions of tunes from Thom's studio CDs; "Too Good To Be True" and "S.S. Dub" from STREET SMART, "Pingo Landia" from EARTH TONES, and "No Doubt" from AFFIRMATION - LOST ANGELES, plus two new compositions, "I'm Free" and "Gino's Groove", co-written and sung by Drummer/Vocalist, Dee Teresi.

Group members include some of L.A.'s best players; Cesar Garcia on Sax and Flute, Mark Chosak on Guitar, Dee Teresi on Drums and Vocals, Tony Isabel on Bass and Howey Duzzit on Percussion.

"Live" is Thom's fifth CD for Rhombus - they include: "Earth Tones", "Street Smart" and two CDs with the group Affirmation, "Lost Angeles" and "Identity Crisis".

As KKJZ Jazz Radio DJ James Janisse says in his introduction; "This is Thom and his group, playing the music they were born to play. So listen, groove and enjoy".

You can find more information about Rhombus Records on their website:

New orginial music from Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist Vick Silva. This time Vick steps out from the Producer's chair and delivers Roots Reggae music without borders.
Promised land indeed where tri-lingual harmonies and hooks blend with textures of the past and preset that move toward the future. Backed by some of the finest international singers who sing and players that play.

Also included are two compositions from Vick's Rock and Reggae Opera "Tierra Abuela" (Grandmothers Land).

All this contributing to a CD that is pure ear candy and a definite must to have.

You can find more information about Rhombus Records on their website:

Rhombus Records is proud to present our first Reggae compilation, Reggae Dreams, Volume 1. In an international style, Reggae Dreams presents Reggae styles from all over the world. Featuring 15 songs from Dance Hall to Ska, Reggae Dreams showcases artists Dee, House Arrest, Steven T. Easter, The Crazy Baldheads, Vick Silva. The Earthtones, Jah Moon, The Street Smart Band, and Hophead, backed by some of the best World Beat musicians in the world. Reggae Dreams remakes of popular songs are featured such as Dee's version of Paul Simon's Bridge Over Troubled Water, Steven T. Easter's take on Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and the Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and The Crazy Baldheads' version of Clint Black's When I Say I Do.
Original tunes by all the artists include Toasting by House Arrest, Spanish Lyrics by Vick Silva, instrumentals by Hophead and The Street Smart Band, and African Township Jive by the Earthtones.

From beginning to end, this 70- minute CD takes the listener to far off, exotic places and back; a true musical trip. Just put on Reggae Dreams and enjoy the vacation.

You can find more information about Rhombus Records on their website:

Posi-Tone in conjunction with Rhombus Records proudly present their latest release "Venice Cafe", a collection of straight-ahead Jazz compositions by Guitarist JOE GAETA.
Continuing in the style of his earlier releases "Art of the Workingman" and "Trans Atlantic Cool Down", (Welvaars, Gaeta & Tarmu), Venice Cafe swings in a style all its own.

Joe's credits go all the way back to the 80s when he was a member of the group "Affirmation" who recorded two albums of progressive Jazz Fusion, recently reissued on CD by Rhombus Records.

Venice Cafe features some of the best Jazz musicians in L.A.; Eldad Tarmu - Vibes (Get Up Close, Aluminum Forest), Cengiz Yaikaya - Piano, John James - Alto Sax & Flute, Peter Marshal - Bass, and Gene Stone - Drums.

Debuting all original set of tunes produced by Marc Free.

You can find more information about Rhombus Records on their website:

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